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25 Things You Learn To Love About The University of Birmingham

There’s a lot to love about studying at the University of Birmingham.

1. The smugness you rightly feel when people are surprised at how much nicer campus is than they imagined.

2. Especially when even the uglier buildings are photo-worthy.

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3. Getting used to always using Old Joe as your compass.

But then feeling lost when you can’t see it.

Old Joe matching the Autumn colours on campus today 🍂🍁🌿

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4. And becoming unnecessarily excited when the clock face changes colour.

Happy Halloween! 👻🎃 This shot was from a couple of weeks ago when Old Joe turned red for Cure Leukaemia. Credit: @dammodammo

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5. The knowledge that you’re never more than a short walk from a chocolate factory.

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6. And the joy you feel when you can smell the chocolate in Selly Oak.

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via blogspot.com

7. The ridiculous amount of places there are to eat at on campus.

300. Back at our fave place 👀🍴

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8. As well as the sheer amount of weird and wonderful societies there are to join.

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9. The legend that is the University Challenge.

The university challenge… @ Joe's, just eat 'em all

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10. The fact that you have your own train station.

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11. And that you’re only a 7 minute train ride away from the city.

12. But you’re also only a 2 minute walk from this:

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13. Feeling protective whenever anyone slams on Selly Oak. 

Because that’s only okay when you do it.

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via goodreads.com

14. The love everyone feels for the Drinks2Go man.

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15. And the collective feeling of superiority everyone harbours over all the other universities in Birmingham.

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via buzzfeed.com

16. The feeling of accomplishment when you manage to get some of these:

It's that time again #FAB #Unay #UoB #FinalYear

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17. Or when you manage to beat the queues in Selly Oak Tesco just in the nick of time.

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via readunwritten.com

18. Being so central that it’s easy to travel to pretty much any part of the country.

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via whatuni.com

19. Pretending to be sophisticated when wondering round the campus farmers’ markets.

20. The excitement everyone feels for the Vale Fireworks.

21. Or for getting a Rooster’s.

Any time, any day.

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via tumblr.com

22. Being able to connect with nature on campus.

Because we have ducks on campus ☀️

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23. Or take a walk down the canal between lectures.

my uni is pretty

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24. Seeing so much sport happening on campus it actually forces you to be motivated.

25. And, above all, being safe in the knowledge that you chose a great university to study at.

See you in a week or two

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