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24 Thoughts Every University of Birmingham Student Has Had at Fab

Fab N Fresh is the Guild’s weekly Saturday night event that you are, as a UoB student, encouraged to love literally from the word go. Regardless of whether you do love it, hate it, or hate it so much you actually love it, here are some of the thoughts you’ll undoubtedly have had during a night there.

1. “I really hope tonight is worth all the time spent trying to get a ticket.”


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2. “I love that we can predrink for longer because we don’t need to get a taxi there.”


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3. “But actually maybe we should just get a taxi because walking might not be such a good idea.”


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4. “How have we ended up being so late?! We should have just walked.”


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5. “Why are there so many people outside but there’s hardly anyone inside yet?”


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6. “I’m pretty sure Mr. Brightside has already been played twice since we arrived.”


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7. “Why are some people so overdressed?”


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8. “I think we need to do some shots.”


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9. “I need the toilet but I don’t want to queue up at the ones downstairs so I’m going to attempt to look for the other ones.”


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10. “Where am I? I don’t recognise any of these rooms.”

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11. “What is the Beorma Bar, though? There’s always such a weird vibe in here.”


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12. “Seriously though, where are these toilets? Have they moved?”

where are they

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13. “Let’s go to the basement; I’m not enjoying the music in here.”


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14. “Why has my favourite song come on now I’m leaving the room?”


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15. “Everyone looks a bit more worse for wear down here.”


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16. “I need more shots.”


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17. “I really wish Joe’s still served food during Fab.”


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18 “I don’t feel fab or fresh right now.”

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19. “There’s no way some of these people are students.”

20. “I actually really love these 90s jams.”


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21. “If we leave soon we can avoid the queue in Rooster’s.”


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22. “But I’m loving how bad these songs are.”


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23. “It feels so very wrong to be in here when they turn the lights on at the end.”


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24. “Who am I kidding, though? I really love Fab.”


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