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25 Things You Learn To Hate About Being a Student At The University of Birmingham

Even the best universities have their flaws. Here at Birmingham, you have to take the highs with the lows.

1. Quickly accepting that the Aston Webb building is pretty much the only building they got right on campus.

Every other part of campus pales in comparison.


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2. Especially Muirhead Tower.

Just try not to look at it.


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3. And even if you don’t mind the eyesore exterior, the lifts will become your enemy.

Having to sprint to the correct lift before the doors close because the call buttons are so far away.


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4. The ambiguity of what the Strathcona common room is actually for.

It looks like it’s for relaxing but why are people so anti-noise?


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5. Those shameless people who sit at the computers in the Mason Lounge…and then use their laptops.

The computer:student ratio is low enough already.


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6. The long walk to anywhere from The Vale.

How can you be so close yet so far?


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7. Never being able to find a table at The Soak after 4pm.


the soak

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8. So you have to go to The Goose instead.

It’s just not the same.


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9. Gatecrasher.

Getting lost and spending the rest of the night trying to find your friends whilst you dodge the creepy regulars is not your idea of a great night.

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10. Pretending to be in deep conversation to avoid any form of contact with the VodBull on Edgbaston Park Road.

Look away, look away, look away.


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11. Suffering the diversions and noise created by all the library refurbishments knowing you won’t get to benefit from the finished product.

We liked it the way it was…


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12. Locating your work at the correct printer in the library.

If the work is meant to be yours, it will find its way back to you.

come back

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13. Locating anything in the library for that matter.

You’ve seen the maps, they haven’t helped you.


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14. The peril posed by the revolving doors in the Arts Building.

You’re clearly not in as much of a rush as everybody else…

giphy (3)

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15. The high intensity hunt for Fab tickets.

Maybe you have one to spare, maybe you don’t…


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16. Fab itself

Not because you hate it, but because you hate that it’s ruined every other night out for you. Ever.


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17. Differentiating between UoB and BCU.



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18. Ordering a taxi with Castle Cars.

Even if it turns up you’re not guaranteed to get to where you wanted to be.



19. Strange drunken geography arguments.

Birmingham is not in the North OR the South. It’s the in West Midlands. In the middle. The MIDDLE.


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20. Bin day in Selly Oak.

Give us strength.


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21. The campus farmers markets.

Yes, it’s all very quaint, but, to be honest, I’m not sure I would pay that much for an Ostrich burger even if I wasn’t a poor student.


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22. Getting stuck behind the local school kids in Spa at lunchtime.

Please leave.


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23. Taking parcels back to the Collect+ shop in Selly when you don’t actually want to buy anything from them.

Maybe you’ll just sweep browse.


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24. Trying to cross the Bristol Road without getting run over.

Or beeped at by the locals even though the green man is on.

giphy (4)

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25. And knowing that one day you’ll have to leave.


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