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26 Struggles You’ll Recognise If You Don’t Have a Plan For After University

There are lots of things that you can expect to have by the time you leave university: a degree of some sort, great memories, and an even greater amount of debt. What you’re not guaranteed to have is an idea of what you want to do once you’ve left.

1. You don’t understand how you’ve made it this far through your degree without having even the slightest idea for a career plan.


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2. Especially when everyone else seems to already have one.


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3. You tell yourself you can’t possibly think about a career and focus on your degree at the same time.

You can’t very well get a graduate job if you don’t graduate, can you?


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4. But you’re fooling no one.

You just don’t really want to yet.

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5. Personally, you feel that you have plenty of time.


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6. But people keep asking you what you’ll be doing after you graduate and it’s becoming harder to ignore them.


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7. You finally go to a careers meeting but it doesn’t help in any way whatsoever.

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8. Because you have no answer to any of the key questions.


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9. And you feel like you’re being judged for this reason.


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10. You don’t understand why knowing what you want to do is so important at this stage anyway.


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11. And you don’t want to waste your last year as a student by worrying about the future.


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12. People will ask why you chose to do a degree if you don’t know what you want to do with it.


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13. Or how you can possibly know that a particular career isn’t for you without trying it.

You just know.


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14. Your parents will become increasingly concerned for your future.

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15. And family parties turn into a game of how to avoid being asked what it is you want to do.

Because “I don’t know” is real conversation killer.


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16. People will start offering up career advice you didn’t ask for at any and all opportunities. 


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17. You feel permanently unsure and uncomfortable about the thought of anything to do with the future.


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18. And sink into an obstinately apathetic denial that it’s never too late to apply for things.


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19. Which you end up regretting because more and more deadlines keep coming and going before you’re ready to apply.


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20. Even watching TV starts to remind you that you need to get your act together otherwise you may never be able to afford to escape to the country.

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21. You secretly live in hope that someone will just offer you a great job out of the blue.

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22. Or that you’ll win the lottery, let’s be honest.


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23. You then start to think that maybe you should just leave your important life decisions to someone else.


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24. Or that maybe you should just give up completely.


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25. You just want people to understand that you’re not being indecisive; you just can’t decide.


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26. And until you’re no longer a student, you absolutely refuse to accept that this is a bad thing.


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