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27 Things Everyone Who’s Lived In A Student House Knows To Be True

It’s universally known that living in a student house is great, except when it’s not. They say honesty is the best policy, so here are some home truths about living in a student house.

1. It’s never completely clean.

Not even when you move in.


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2. The furniture is weird.


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3. And potentially unsafe.


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4. If it comes with any furniture, that is.


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5. There will be a cupboard full of broken household appliances.


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6. But your landlord will refuse to accept that they are broken.


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7. And will make you feel unreasonable for complaining about other unreasonable problems.


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8. Even if you are able to hoover up, you might wish you hadn’t.


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9. There are no rules about what goes where.

Fridge in the living room? Why not?

fridge in house

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10. And no rules about what belongs to who.

giphy (16)

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11. The washing up is never done.

12. And nobody will take responsibility for taking out the bin when it’s full.


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not our division

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13. Or for cleaning the oven.


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14. You have to learn to be resourceful through hardships.

i can do this

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15. Which will include inventive ways of getting rid of spiders that only appear when you’re home alone.

16. And then panicking because your housemate told you hoovering them up doesn’t kill them.


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17. You will have had to wait a short lifetime to get your internet set up.

don't know what to do

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18. Made even more frustrating by the amount of old routers in the cupboard that can’t be used again.


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19. As well as the fact that it never works properly when it has finally been set up.


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20. You will receive a small forest’s worth of leaflets through the post every day.


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21. There will be a drawer full of keys, the majority of which you will have no idea what they are for.


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22. There will be a knack to turning the shower on which you agree not to immediately disclose to guests so that they think they’ve broken it.


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23. You will often wonder whether the walls between your house and next door’s are actually an illusion.


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24. There’s always an inexplicable traffic cone or road sign somewhere in or around your house.



25. You will take decorating the house for Christmas extremely seriously.

not enough

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26. And refuse to take the decorations down till moving out day.


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27. Above all though, no matter how many problems you’ve had, you will feel sad to leave.

don't want to go

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