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An Internet Network Named Janet Is Ruining Students’ Lives

Students at several universities across the UK are currently experiencing additional, unwanted stress close to their deadlines because of a sustained cyber attack on their university networks. Universities such as Oxford, MMU and Aberdeen, among many others, who use a publicly funded academic network, named Janet, have been faced with severely disrupted internet access since Monday morning, caused by a DDoS (Distributed Denial-Of-Service) attack which overloads the server with too many requests.

The attack has affected connectivity to many online academic services, such as Turnitin.com, raising fears among students that they might miss their deadlines.

Although there is some, intermittent internet access, it appears to be limited to websites that aren’t really synonymous with completing university assignments.

Naturally, students are pretty angry about this.

Many are questioning why anyone would even bother attacking an academic network.

Staff are also suffering the consequences.

Some students suspect that the attack was caused by someone who was hoping for a bit more time to complete their work.

And, in some cases, deadlines have already been extended because of the disruption.

For everyone else though, this student sums it up pretty well:

The cause of the attack is, as of yet, unknown.

via giphy.com

via giphy.com