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Here Are The Top 10 Universities In The UK For Career Services

When deciding which university is the one for you, the quality of their career services can have a serious impact on which one you choose. At a time when good job prospects have never before been such a high priority for students wanting to get their money’s worth from the £9,000 per year fees, it’s important that universities offer as much help as possible through their career services. With this in mind, StudentCrowd has today published a list of the 10 best universities for career services, based solely on student satisfaction.

After surveying nearly 5,000 students this year via social media, StudentCrowd are awarding 10 universities for the quality of the help offered by their career services, with the University of Bath coming out on top. Their ultimate aim in doing this is to provide students with more relevant and transparent data than is readily available and to encourage further success in career services across all universities.

The organiser, Paul Humphreys, Founder & Marketing Director of StudentCrowd, said of the survey: “Students constantly tell us that the key factor in applying to University is to improve their job prospects. The results of this survey reveals a significant disparity in the level of career services provided by Universities. We’ve awarded the Top 10 to celebrate their success and to encourage the profession to aim for best practice.”

Here are the top 10 universities for career services as voted for by students:

1. University of Bath

Score out of 5: 4.91


via telegraph.co.uk

2. Durham University

Score out of 5: 4.83


via unisocialspace.co.uk

3. Aston University

Score out of 5: 4.77


via wikimedia.org

4. University of Strathclyde

Score out of 5: 4.75


via strath.ac.uk

5. University of Exeter

Score out of 5: 4.75


via huffingtonpost.co.uk

6. University of Dundee

Score out of 5: 4.67


via futurelearn.com

7. University of Glasgow

Score out of 5: 4.63


via gla.ac.uk

8. University of Edinburgh

Score out of 5: 4.62


via wikipedia.org

9. University of Warwick

Score out of 5: 4.60


via telegraph.co.uk

10. University of Hull

Score out of 5: 4.59


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To see the full results, click here.

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