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The Islamic Society at Queen Mary University of London Has Been Suspended

The Queen Mary University of London’s Islamic Society has been temporarily suspended pending an investigation by the students’ union after allegedly breaching protocol and procedure. The reasons behind the suspension have not yet been revealed, a spokesperson from the university merely stating: “Further information will be available following the conclusion of the investigation.”

The society released a statement on Facebook announcing their ‘sorrow’ at the suspension and revealing that they themselves are still unsure about the nature of the allegations.

Acknowledging the confusion surrounding the situation, they reassured their members that they are ‘working with the SU’ towards clarifying what the allegations are before hopefully ‘putting this matter to rest’.

The society has previously been under the spotlight after being accused of promoting Islamic extremism and putting students at risk of radicalisation.

The suspension at QMU follows the news that the president of the Islamic Society at Goldsmith’s University has resigned after posting homophobic tweets.

In a series of tweets targeting LGBTQ students – and specifically LGBTQ Muslims – the president of the Islamic Society Muhammed Patel referred to homosexuality as a ‘disease of the heart and mind’.

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In a statement announcing his resignation, Patel apologised for his comments, claiming that his actions were ‘not representative of the society’.

He goes on to reinforce the notion that ‘comments like that should not be tolerated in any shape or form’ and admitting that he had made a ‘huge mistake’.