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This Student’s Cat Helped Him Pay Off His Tuition Fees

If there was ever an advertisement for good reasons to own a cat while at university, this is it. When Fraser Napier uploaded a video onto YouTube over two years ago of his cat posing in the mirror, it earned him enough money to pay off his tuition fees.

The video was uploaded in 2013 when Napier was still a student and has been watched more than 3.5 million times.

It features Napier’s cat, named Sox, staring intently at herself in the bathroom mirror.

In an interview, Napier said of the video: “One day I noticed Sox sitting on the edge of the bath looking at herself and posing in the mirror above the sink, so I started filming and uploaded a video to YouTube. I just recorded it because I thought it was funny.”


via youtube.com

He was right to record it because the popularity of the footage was spotted by a company in the USA who approached Napier about paying to advertise next to the video.

In return for this, he received a small fee for every time the video was watched, ultimately earning him around £1,800, and allowing him to pay off his tuition fees for his course in HND Creative Industries at North East Scotland College.

So, next time someone tells you that you can’t mix pets with university, you know what to tell them.

via morrissey-solo.com

via morrissey-solo.com