20 Things You Miss About The University of South Wales Now You`ve Graduated

It doesn’t take long before you start to miss it.



1. The fact that you’re part of a massive student family that stretches over the whole of South Wales.

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2. And that all campuses offer a different experience.

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3. From the bright lights of Cardiff.

4. To the rolling hills of Treforest.

The view from my halls this morning #nofilter #genuinelynofilter #usw #southwales #annualinstagram

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5. Being able to say you’ve actually been to the ‘Valleys’ and it’s really nice there*.

*most of the time 😅

Stunning aerial photo of Pontypridd Campus, Treforest by Alun Thomas from Infinity Aerial Media Ltd

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6. The parties at the SUs.

Freshers' Foam Party! #uswsu #uswfreshers #freshers #freshersparty #freshersweek #foam #foamparty #foampit #eclipse #treforest #pontypridd

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7. Receiving a daily Welsh lesson in the Atrium lifts.

“Mynd i Fyny’ ‘Mynd i lawr”

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8. Not needing to pay for the gym thanks to the Treforest halls hill.

keep breath

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9. Having puppies come to visit you on a regular basis.

Puppies making an appearance for #mentalhealthawareness

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10. Being able to roll out of bed and straight into lectures in less than 5 minutes if you lived at Liberty Bridge.

New view from my new flat 🦄🦄🦄 #sunset #cardiff #uniofsouthwales #flatview

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11. And listening to Dragon Radio all the time.

My second home, I love being on radio ✌🏻️ #studentradio #radio #dragonradio #cardiff #radio

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12. The stunning architecture.

13. And the legendary Atrium stairs.

Although you won’t miss the dizziness from walking up them.

Out of breath but gotta take a picture

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14. Curing a hangover by eating a fry up or chicken curry ‘half & half’ at the Randy Dragon.

Breakfast in the sun!

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15. Going to A+ guest lectures by people that have your career goals.

16. The music scene on campus.

Great afternoon gig by #himalayas_band at USW. #uswcreative #peepshowrecords

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17. This place 🙌

Chilling in the balmy haze with our favourite #GwdDog Baxter.

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18. And this one.

19. Basically, you miss everything about it.

20. And you always will. 😭


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