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18 Struggles You’ll Face When Looking For A 2nd Year House

House hunting is never easy. House hunting when you’ve only just got settled into university life is even harder.

1. Looking for houses with people you’ve only known for about three months.

Inbetweeners friend

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2. And having to make sure your potential housemates want to choose you to live with.


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3. Taking on anyone and everyone to make sure you don’t lose your place in the group.

Mean Girls

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4. And being wary of the slightest hint of craziness.

Johnny Depp

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5. Not really knowing where the best places to live are.

There really should be codes or leaflets.

Map of London

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6. And having no idea how to deal with grown up amounts of money and discuss grown up things with grown ups.

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7. Not knowing what to look for in a house.

“I won’t settle for anything without a wine cellar, jacuzzi, and planetarium.”

Charlie and Chocolate Factory

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8. And running the risk of letting the excitement of living with friends cloud your judgement.

“Whatever you say, yes. Just give us the keys!”

Stephen Colbert

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9. Learning to be ruthless in the race to get the best houses.

Hunger Games

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10. But struggling with the pressure of keeping your findings to yourself.

“Did you look at a house there? Was is nice? Which estate agent did you use?”


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11. Quickly realising just how much you’re willing to sacrifice to save money.

But do we actually need a shower? Seems kind of extravagant.


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12. And that you need to sort out your priorities.

Sure, it’s a 40 minute bus to uni, but it is down the road from the best pub and kebaby in town…

Winnie the Pooh

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13. Starting to slyly secure yourself a solid place in the housemate hierarchy.

Respect is key.

David Tennant

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14. Whilst preparing your war dance and bribery skills for room allocation day.

The Rock

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15. As well as becoming better at resisting falling for estate agent BS.

“This place is a great find guys. Right opposite a prison? Safest place to be.”


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16. Learning to trust no one, not even the current tenants.

“I mean, yes, my bed is currently covered in mould. But I find it really cosy.”

Kurt Glee

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17. Never knowing whether to sign for a house or look round a few more, just in case.

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18. Because, really, you just don’t want to move at all.

Moving day just sounds like stress you don’t want or need.


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