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13 Things That Will Mildly Excite Every University Student

Sometimes all it takes is a few little things to make your student life a lot better. If only these happened every day.

1. Oversleeping and missing your 9am, but having an email in your inbox saying it was cancelled anyway. 

2. Perfectly timing your money and spending your last £1 the day before your next loan is due.

3. When the exact page you need to read is available on Google Books.

via giphy.com

via giphy.com

4. When you need to do laundry and the washing machine is actually free.

5. When someone else in the house has Netflix and gives you their password.

6. Finishing your pre-drink just as the taxi arrives.

7. Walking to a lecture undetected by flyerers and SU election campaigners. 

8. Finding the perfect spot at the back of the lecture behind someone taller than you.

via disqus.com

via disqus.com

9. When you’re on the same wavelength as your flatmate and both suggest going to the pub at the same time.

10. When you can just about get away with balancing another item on the bin instead of taking it out. 

11. When you run out of time to do your presentation in a seminar. 

12. Walking into a supermarket and finding all the good stuff reduced. 

13. When you take a book out of the library and someone’s already highlighted and annotated the bits you need. 

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