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15 Things That Will Happen To You When You Go Home For Summer

Going home for summer has its perks, but really you just miss uni. A lot.

1. You make up for 3 months’ worth of poor meals by eating everything.

2. That’s if your parents remember to stock the fridge before you get there.

via giphy.com

via giphy.com

3. It won’t take long for the tension to return.

4. Because as soon as you’re back, you’re free game for a lecturing.

5. And an interrogation.

6. They’ll want to hear about every minor detail of the past few months. 

7. And you’ll question whether you’re actually just a terrible person.

8. Your parents will always be switched on.

9. They might try to control your movements.

10. And will essentially make you feel like a teenager again.

11. Which also has its pros. 

Like when they do absolutely everything for you ☺️

12. You’ll have absolutely no money. Which makes seeing your home friends difficult.

13. And asking your parents for money is not an option.

Unless you want another lecture about “wasting your summer” and “needing work experience”.

14. You’ll immediately miss your friends and spend most of your time being needy on the uni Whatsapp.

via twitter.com

via twitter.com

15. And will just count down the days until you’re back. 

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via tumblr