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16 Things You Actually Learn When You Study at Bangor University

You’re here to learn, after all.

1. Walking can be a real bitch.

Why didn’t we study somewhere flatter?

via facebook.com

via facebook.com

2. And that friends with cars are the best kind of friends.

Hello, Tesco and McDonald’s 🚗

via giphy.com

via giphy.com

3. There’s only one place to go after a night out.

via Bangor Uni Snapchat

via Bangor Uni Snapchat

4. Never trust double letters.

Trying to pronounce Ffriddoedd for the first time taught you that.

thedt / via bangor.ac.uk

thedt / via bangor.ac.uk

5. You’re never too old for a ball pit.

This year's trip to Caernarfon Fun Centre!😀 #StreetLaw #BangorUniversity #ProBono #Law #FunCentre

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6. How to stay grounded in 100mph winds.

7. And that it’s almost impossible to look good on a night out.

Cheers, weather 😒

8. Because North Wales = ☔️☔️☔️

via facebook.com

via facebook.com

9. Seagulls don’t want you to sleep.

via Bangor Uni Snapchat

via Bangor Uni Snapchat

10. The 90s was the best decade.

👏 Seren 👏

Oh it's happening #seren90snight

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11. Good things come to those who wait*.

* a really long time.

via Snapchat

via Bangor Uni Snapchat

12. Psychology students are everywhere.

And they always get the best equipment/rooms.

13. Not all coastal towns have nice, sandy beaches. 

#wales #isleofanglesey #anglesey #bangor #menaistraights #pier #walk

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14. The Six Nations can end the best of friendships.

15. Not studying in a big city definitely has its perks.

#bangor #mountains #snow

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16. And ultimately, Bangor is Bae.

Went to visit bae last weekend 😂 #wales

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