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17 Rare Images of You At University

“100% me”

1. When that uni life doesn’t always live up to the hype. 

2. And you’re as good at cooking as you expected to be.

3. When it feels like you actually just weren’t ready to go it alone. 

4. But it’s too late because you are alone af.

5. You swore you wouldn’t fall behind, but then…

via twitter.com

via twitter.com

6. And you don’t really help yourself.

7. Some things are just too hard to say no to. 

via buzzfeed.com

via buzzfeed.com

8. Like resting…

9. Food…

10. And getting drunk.

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via twitter.com

11. When other people on your course sound like they know everything and you just sit there like.

12. And when your Arts degree betrays you. 

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via twitter.com

13. When you’re a really good student and go to your 9am despite being out last night.

14. When those exams creep up on you and you’ve done no revision yet.

15. And people starting asking “how did it go??”

16. When you become a second year and think you’re suddenly wise.

17. But deep down this is actually you.