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17 Things It’s Never OK To Say To An English Person Studying at Bangor

Choosing to leave England and study at Bangor University raises a lot of questions. It won’t take long before you’ve heard them all.

1. “Wales? Oh. Okay”

Yeah, and?

via survivor-org.wikia.com

via survivor-org.wikia.com

2. “Why are you studying there?”

Why not?

3. “Are you really bored all the time?”

No, are you bored of asking? 😴

4. “Do you regret not going to, you know, a proper city?”

Do you regret knowing nothing?

5. “BANG-or? Lol”

You’re hilarious.

via giphy.com

via giphy.com

6. “Are there more sheep than people?”

Not heard that one before.

7. “What do you do for fun?”


8. “Is it near Cardiff?”

Oh yeah. Real close.

9. “Can you speak Welsh now then?”


via gifsec.com

via gifsec.com

10. “You must go to the beach all the time”

Don’t even go there.

11. “Visit you? I would, but, is there even anything to do?”


12. “How about you just come to me instead?”

How about no.

13. “I hear Aber is the better Welsh uni”

You misheard.

via gif2fly.com

via gif2fly.com

14. “It must be nice and peaceful…”

You obviously haven’t heard of Peep.

15. “I bet the locals hate you”

Well yeah but they hate everyone so it’s cool.

16. “Do you get free tuition?”

No 😭😭😭

17. “I can speak Welsh. Araf.”

Good one.

via giphy.com

via giphy.com

Just stop, yeah?

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