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20 Things You’ll Only Know If You Went On a ‘Dissertation Vacation’

After spending years telling yourself you weren’t going to leave your dissertation to the term it was due, that’s exactly what you did.

And after weeks of struggling to get a good start on any section, you started looking for things to blame. So you blamed your room, and the lack of space in the library; your blamed your tutor, and the people on your course who already had theirs finished and bound; you blamed everything you possibly could, except your own lack of motivation. The solution was to get away from it all because only then would you have enough peace and quiet to complete it.

You probably thought you were the first to go on a ‘dissertation vacation’, but you weren’t, and you won’t be the last. It’s a rite of passage for all final years who have a bit of loan left over by Easter. It’s also a lie.

1. Convinced that this was the only solution, you first had to persuade others to come with you.

Which wasn’t too hard as they were just as doomed and desperate as you.


via headoverfeels.com

2. You took every book you thought you needed from the library and hoped they wouldn’t be recalled.

3. You posted an obligatory, “I’m going away to finish the D, might not be contactable. See you on the other side x” fb status.

4. And fended off the comments laughing at your flawed plan.

5. You stopped telling people where you were going and what you were doing because you were fed up of getting this reaction.

via adventureseeker.org

via adventureseeker.org

6. About to set off, you considered abandoning all the books because they were so heavy.

7. But then realised that would literally defeat the point, so persevered in pain.

8. When you arrived at wherever it was you chose to go, the excuses inevitably came rolling out:

9. “We should unpack first.” 

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via giphy.com

10. “We can enjoy this first day before doing work, right?”

11. “We’ve earned this.”

12. You drank to celebrate being away, which gave you another excuse not to work the day after when you were hungover.

13. More time passed than you could afford and it genuinely did turn into you relaxing as though everything was fine.

14. You eventually wrote off completely finishing the dissertation, and instead settled for getting just certain sections done.

15. You all found some motivation and committed a good few hours to reading and writing.

16. But then, miraculously, the sun came out and you were back in holiday mode again.

17. The internet was terrible and you began to remember things you left behind.

via giphy.com

via giphy.com

18. Which made you wish you were actually just back in the uni library instead.

19. You ended up proving everyone right and left with your lit review done, if that.

20. But at least you had a break. Which you most definitely deserved.

Everything. Is. Fine.

via cutecunningandcrafty.blogspot.com

via cutecunningandcrafty.blogspot.com

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