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22 Images From Bake Off 2016 That Sum Up Your Life at Uni

“It’s not a mess… it’s informal.”

1. When your mum asks if you’ve been eating well.

2. When you leave campus and go to a locals club.

3. When all it takes is a bacon butty to start a huge argument.

4. When you’ve been in the library all day and your friend says: “pub?”

5. Every Thursday.

6. When you check your word count every 5 minutes.

7. When you write the title of your essay.

Love Productions / BBC / via twitter.com

Love Productions / BBC / via twitter.com

8. When you sit in the back of a lecture hoping no one will notice how hungover you are.

9. And when you just want to get out of there but someone asks a question right at the end.

Love Productions / BBC / via buzzfeed.com

Love Productions / BBC / via buzzfeed.com

10. When some other student on your course tries to correct you.

11. When you see who you’ve been put with in a group project.

12. When your flatmate has people from home round.

13. When you were awkward AF in first year and tried to chat someone up.

14. Trying to keep it together after reading the feedback on an essay you worked really hard on.

15. When someone’s been in the shower for hours.

16. When you saw what you looked like on your student card.

17. When your parents come to visit.

18. When you get the last King in Ring of Fire.

19. When someone suggests a weekend without drinking.

20. Trying to find something clean in your kitchen.

Love Productions / BBC / via twitter.com

Love Productions / BBC / via twitter.com

21. Submitting an essay you started and finished in less than 12 hours.

22. And every time you actually make it to the end of the academic year.