22 Instagrams That Prove Bangor Is The Best Place To Be a Student

Bangor may not be the biggest student city, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t the best.

1. The Main Arts building can be seen from almost anywhere in Bangor.

Eh vabbè, io studio a Hogwarts 😍

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2. It looks particularly stunning from College Park below.

Main Arts/Hogwarts 🏰

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3. And neighbouring Pontio doesn’t look half bad either. Inside and out.

4. The Shankland Reading Room in the Main Library is an inspirational place to study.

Hogwarts Library 🎓

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5. Being in North Wales, there are plenty of spots in Bangor where you can escape light pollution at night.

The sky in Bangor. #night #stars #sky

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6. It’s always sunny on Open Days. It’s the law.

Sun’s out, flag’s out.

Bangor uni open day!! #bangor #bangoruniversity #bangoruniopenday 🚸

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7. But even in bad weather, Bangor still looks good. 

#Fog over #Bangor – usually I can see my halls block at the end of this!

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8. Nearby Snowdonia provides an impressive backdrop.

Definitely in love with this view from my room!! #bangor #BangorUni #mountains #view #stunning #beautiful #nature

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9. And Roman Camp is one of the best sunset locations around.

Sunset over the straits. #menaistraits #sunset #skyporn #anglesey #romancamp #outdoors #naturelovers #island_pics #bangor #landscape

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10. Whether you’re there for the orchestra, graduation or a lecture, you’ll be in awe of PJ Hall.

#BBC #nationalorchestraofwales Neuadd PJ #pontio #pontiotech

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11. Particularly when it becomes a live music venue.

Everyone getting ready for Ella Eyre #academi #bangor #summerball2015

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12. And you’ve probably felt like you were in Hogwarts at least once.

Prif Adeilad y Brifysgol #prifysgolbangor Main University Building #bangoruniversity #bangoruni

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13. Bangor’s pier is unrivalled.

#bangor2014 #pier #bangoruni #prifysgolbangor #bangoruniversity

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14. And the views of the Menai Straits will leave you speechless.

Not a bad place to live… #bangor #menaistraits #destress #relax #photographs

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15. In fact, you can go almost anywhere in Bangor and have a beautiful view.

It's quite the morning here

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16. The Terrace at Main Arts is the perfect place to sit and de-stress.

17. Summer in Bangor will make you never want to leave.

Suns out… Summer ball already massive!!

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18. There’s plenty of greenery around.

Repost from @tad1113, #Bangoruniversity #lovelane

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19. And if you like walks, you won’t be disappointed.

Went for a nice November walk the other day #bangor #wales #winteriscoming #trees #sunbeams

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20. Especially when you find something you never knew existed.

21. Bangor’s scenic location makes it a unique place to live and study.

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22. Basically, it’s the best. ✌️

Repost from @cariroberts @prifysgolbangoruniversity #prifysgolbangor #bangoruni #bangoruniversity

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