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26 Signs You’re Living In a Classic Student House

Some things could only ever happen in a student house.Β 

1. You weren’t blown away by it when you first viewed it.

Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press

2. But you just needed a place so reluctantly accepted to live there.

3. The furniture is mix-matched.

4. And things break literally all the time.

5. There’s a lot of stuff in the bathroom.

6. None of it is useful.

7. And the kitchen is just as cluttered.

8. Speaking of the kitchen, it probably looks like this 99% of the time.

9. Which causes frequent arguments about the washing up.

via twitter.com

via twitter.com

10. The house is permanently cold.

Which does haveΒ some benefit…

11. And the walls drip with condensation, causing mould.

12. Food theft is a real problem.

13. Leaving people no choice but to write their name on everything.

14. Any outdoor areas are actual dumps.

15. TV binges are a regular occurrence.

via debriefdaily.com

via debriefdaily.com

16. Nobody eats, sleeps or does anything at a regular time.

17. Plates and bowls are nowhere to be seen.

18. Passive aggressive notes appear randomly.

19. And the boiler is strictly on lockdown.

20. It’s often hard to sleep.

via metro.co.uk

via metro.co.uk

21. There’s probably more alcohol than anything else in the house.

22. Unwelcome guests appear all the time.

23. The fridge is good for one thing only.

24. Because there’s never anything of worth inside.

25. Overall it’s a great place to live.Β 

26. But ~hopefully~ your housemates make it all worth it.Β 

via buzzfeed.com

via buzzfeed.com