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27 Times Being at University Proved You Have No Willpower

Willpower and motivation: two things every student needs a lot more of.

1. In Freshers’ Week when you were so easily persuaded to drink all the things.


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2. When you started with the intention of joining at least three societies but dropped out after the taster sessions.

3. And when the main motivator for going to Freshers’ Fair in the first place was the potential for free pizza.

4. When you had to do this just to make it on time to lectures.

5. Every time you said to yourself: “I’m going to get 100% attendance this semester” then didn’t.

6. When you pretended to be asleep instead of answering the door to the sanitary bin people in halls.

7. When you were already well into your overdraft but immediately said yes to going to the pub when asked.


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8. And every time a “quiet one” turned into shots at 3am.

9. When you left all your essays to the very last minute.

10. And when you swore never to do that again but proceeded to do it every single time something was due.

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11. Every time you were persuaded to get in on a Domino’s despite being “poor”.

12. When you dragged yourself out of bed to do work in the library, only to leave less than an hour later.

13. Every day you lay in bed like this.

14. When you had to choose between revision and a night out and didn’t even put up a fight.

15. When you signed up to the gym because discount then never went.

16. That time you said you were going to get through the whole reading list but barely made it past the first book.

via facebook.com

via facebook.com

17. Every day you said “I should get dressed” but didn’t.

18. When you said “I’m going to do something productive this summer” but actually just spent 3 months acting 16 again.

19. When your washing pile, bin and sink looked like this because everyone kept saying they’ll “do it later”.

20. When you spent most of your loan within hours of getting the text saying that it was in your account.

21. When you had to leave your card at home when on nights out just so you wouldn’t drunkenly withdraw £50 again.

22. Every time you had to lower your grade expectations because you didn’t apply yourself as much as you said you would.

via drawception.com

via drawception.com

23. When you went to the supermarket for “a few bits” and returned with a load of alcohol because DEALS.

24. When your personal tutor asked why you hadn’t been to see them all year.

25. Every time you said “just one more episode”.

via tumblr.com

via tumblr.com

26. When you convinced yourself that pub quizzes counted as revision.

27. And when, after 3 years of telling yourself you wouldn’t, you didn’t start your dissertation until the semester it was due.

Why do we do this to ourselves? 🙃

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