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41 Times You Low Key Hated Everyone at University

University is about meeting new people and learning new things. One thing you’ve learned for sure: you have little patience for a lot of people.

1. When someone sat next to you in a lecture despite there being loads of free seats.

via funnyjunk.com

via funnyjunk.com

2. When you woke up for a 9am lecture and it was cancelled. Without warning.

3. When you had been awake for over 24 hours writing an essay and had to face the person in the office before you could hand it in.

4. When you were in the library and saw someone using their own laptop at a computer desk.

5. When you just wanted to get to uni without being harassed by campaigners and people with flyers.

6. When someone asked if they could copy your revision notes because they missed the lecture.

via twitter.com

via twitter.com

7. Every time someone recalled a book you really needed.

8. Or when everyone on your course was so much more prepared than you that the books weren’t even available in the first place.

9. When your flatmates decided to invite strangers round for drinks without giving you a heads up. And you looked like shit.

10. Whenever someone disagreed with the lecturer or another student and insisted on awkwardly arguing their point.

11. When you woke up after a night out and found your drunken antics all over Snapchat.

Thanks, “friends”.

via tumblr.com

via tumblr.com

12. When people had the audacity to occupy the library at the same time as you.

13. And tried to reserve desks while they went away for hours.

14. When someone who spent a lot less time on their essay got a higher mark than you.

15. And when people said “I’m so gonna fail this module” then got a first.

16. When you wanted an early night but your neighbours decided to have a house party. And didn’t invite you.

via twitter.com

via twitter.com

17. Every time someone asked for more paper in an exam.

18. When your lecturer said it wasn’t hard to read 5 books.

19. When the flatmate Whatsapp group got heated over something petty.

20. When you walked into a computer room to find someone watching iPlayer or browsing Facebook.

21. Whenever someone was bored and walked into your room, and you just sat there like.

via tremorsintoronto.wordpress.com

via tremorsintoronto.wordpress.com

22. That time you bought a round because you were drunk and no one returned the favour.

23. Whenever people posted in the Facebook group for your course.

24. Or when you got an email to “all students” that you really didn’t need.

25. Every time you had to do a group project.

26. And someone who did practically no work got a good mark because of your efforts.

👏 you 👏 are 👏 welcome 👏

via twitter.com

via twitter.com

27. When you were really looking forward to eating something you had in the fridge and returned to find it had been stolen.

28. When you walked out of an exam and people tried to talk to you about your answers.

29. When your tutor was never free because everyone else had occupied their office hours.

30. Then they complained at you for never seeing them.

31. When someone used all the toilet paper without replacing it.

And you don’t realise before it’s too late 🙃🙃🙃

via onceuponamonthblog.com

via onceuponamonthblog.com

32. When someone left hairs all over the bathroom.

33. When you wanted to go to freshers’ fair for the free food but realised how crowded it would be.

34. Every time you got a text or FB message and thought you were popular but it was just from a club promoter.

35. When you saw someone else talking to your library bae.

36. When your tutor assured you that your essay plan was good but then gave you a shit mark anyway.

via twitter.com

via twitter.com

37. When the invigilator stood next to your table in an exam.

38. When you a librarian for help finding a book and they said, “have you tried looking for it?”

39. When you wanted to put something in the bin but it was already full.

40. When you trusted your friend with a secret then they brought it up during Never Have I Ever because they’re sly.

41. And when everyone wouldn’t shut up asking you about your future life plans.

And your low key hate turns to full on anger.

via gifsec.com

via gifsec.com

People are the worst.