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7 Things We Learned From Birmingham City Uni’s Guide On How To Do Laundry

A whopping 60% of Birmingham City students admitted they had never done their own laundry before coming to university. That may not surprise you, but how the university responded probably will.

They have created on online guide explaining the basics of doing laundry. It even reminds you to add detergent. 



A spokesman for the university had this to say: “It’s good that programmes like The Great British Bake Off and Masterchef have helped young people to know their bed of celeriac from their apricot jus, but the domestic chores like washing clothes still need to be done.”

So, what have we learned from their step-by-step guide?

1. Darks and lights don’t get along.

2. Leaving your keys in the pockets is generally frowned upon.

3. Apparently some clothes aren’t designed for washing machines. So presumable you’re supposed to buy a washboard, too.

4. NUS want you to wash at 30 so you probably should. And take a washing machine selfie while you’re at it.

5. Don’t add too many clothes because you won’t be able to close the door lol.

6. Your clothes are more likely to come out clean if you actually add detergent.

7. And finally, you should probably turn the machine on. Otherwise you’ve gone through the previous 6 steps for nothing!

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