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A Librarian Saved Up £3m And Donated It To The University Where He Worked After His Death

How much do you love your employer?

When Robert Morin, a library worker at the University of New Hampshire, passed away, he surprised the university at which he worked for nearly 50 years with a donation of $4million (£3m).

“His generous gift allows us to address a number of university priorities” said the UNH’s president in a statement.

via facebook.com / University of New Hampshire

via facebook.com / University of New Hampshire

According to the Union Leader, a local paper, Morin was a cataloguer at the library who enjoyed reading and films. He apparently didn’t spend any money and lived off frozen meals, which allowed him to save up such a large sum.

Morin reportedly had no family and trusted the university to spend his money wisely. His only request was that $100,000 be set aside for scholarships for students.

The university has announced that $2.5m of Morin’s bequest will go to expanding the student career centre, with another $1m going to a video scoreboard for the university’s football field.