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Bangor University Is The 12th Cheapest Place To Be a Student In The Whole of The UK

University is becoming an increasingly expensive rite of passage for young people in the UK.

For a lot of people, cost and debt could play a major role in deciding where to spend three or more years of higher education study. Luckily for students at Bangor University, the institution has come at the bottom end of a list of most expensive places to be a student.

Research conducted by price comparison site gocompare.com has evaluated universities based on tuition fees, the price of halls, travel, the cost of socialising and other factors such as books, food and laundry.

According to the findings, students at Bangor can expect to pay £16,980 a year in total. Compare that to the most expensive university on the list, King’s College London, where the average total expenditure is £29,460 each year.

Bangor University is also apparently the 10th cheapest place for food, out of all the universities researched. But you do spend £180 a year on laundry if you study there, according to the results.

The table below shows those universities at the bottom of the table, including Bangor.

via gocompare.com

via gocompare.com

You can view the full list of results here.