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Every Single Thought You Had When You Found Out You Got Into Uni

YOU GOT IN. Now what?

1. Wait, this means I’m actually moving out.

via twitter.com

via twitter.com

2. I have to look after myself. Completely.

3. Like, there’ll be no one around to do things for me or tell me I’m messing up.

4. This is fine.

5. I’m sure I can handle the responsibility.

6. But can I even cook though?

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via twitter.com

7. Can I do anything?

8. What if I die?

9. Shit shit shit.

10. Will I ever see anyone again?

11. Who cares. I can’t wait to get out of this place.

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via twitter.com

12. Is that a bad thing to say?

13. Life without parents… this is going to be so good.

14. I can do WHATEVER I want.

15. WHENEVER I want to.

16. My whole life has been leading to this.

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via twitter.com

17. But before I ditch my parents forever we need to go to Ikea.

18. I’M GOING TO UNI 😨😆.

19. Better join loads of groups on Facebook. They’ll definitely come in handy 🤔.

20. What if my flatmates are boring?

21. Or too mental and they think I’m boring?

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via tumblr.com

22. I really hope uni isn’t that hard.

23. I can actually do this, right?

24. Of course I can. I have A-levels now.

25. Am I even allowed to brag about this? What if other people didn’t get in and I make them feel bad?

26. Oh fuck it. I GOT IN.

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