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Exeter Students Have Voted To Stay Affiliated With NUS

Exeter Student Guild’s NUS referendum has resulted in a win for NUS with over 50% of students voting to remain affiliated. 

This victory for the union comes after two other Students’ Unions, Lincoln and Newcastle, voted to disaffiliate from NUS.

25% of students turned up to vote in the referendum. A record turnout for Exeter students.

5,334 votes were cast in total, 42% “strongly” disagreed with disaffiliation and a further 8.4% disagreed.

Students’ Guild President, Laura-Jane Tiley, who was also the leader of the Stay Campaign, said: “We firmly believe that the interests of Exeter Students are best served by being part of the NUS and it is great that we have been able to convince a majority of students voting that this is the case.  Like the leave campaign we do believe that the NUS needs to change, but that the best way of doing this is to remain a part of the organisation.”

Leader of the Exiter Campaign, had this to say after the results were announced: “We are of course enormously disappointed with this result, but are proud that this referendum has generated the highest turn out of any student referendum in Guild history. Furthermore, with more than 2,000 students voting to leave NUS, it is absolutely clear that huge swathes of students are fed up with the organisation and the way it is operating.

The Students Guild have since claimed that in the future they will ensure delegates sent to NUS conferences are “representative” of the Exeter student body.