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Here Are The Cheapest Places To Be a Student In The UK

Keele is the cheapest place to be a student in the UK.

The university town in Staffordshire has come up top as a result of a new study which analysed average rent, travel costs, gym prices – and even the cost of a kebab. 

The findings, collected by credit card company Marbles, also reveal that Keele has the cheapest average pint at just £2.50.

Other winners in the study include:

🏆 Cheapest weekly rent, Queen’s, Belfast.

🏆 Cheapest cinema ticket, Loughborough.

🏆 Cheapest kebab, Leeds.

🏆 Cheapest travel pass, Dundee.

🏆 Cheapest gym membership, Essex.

Unsurprisingly universities in London are right at the bottom, the worst of which has been named SOAS with an average rent of £212 a week and £4 a pint.

See the full table of university towns below.

screenshot / via marbles.com

screenshot / via marbles.com