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Here’s a Bangor University Professor Telling Us How To Use Emojis

Professor of Linguistics at Bangor University, Vyv Evans, has emerged in a video by TalkTalk about how to use Emojis.

(Only a few years too late)

theDT Bangor

TalkTalk / theDT Bangor

Here are the main things we learnt:

1. Emoji is the fastest growing language on the planet.

2. Cat Emojis weren’t created for actual cats.

3. You probably shouldn’t propose to someone with Emojis.

4. Nor should you use them when applying for a job. Stick to actual words.

5. Vyv is game for a cheeky Nando’s (probably).

TalkTalk / via YouTube

TalkTalk / via YouTube

Watch the video below.



Cheers, Vyv. 

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