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More Students Are Going To University Than Ever Before

Initial UCAS figures have revealed a record number of students accepted onto university courses on A-Level results day; up 3% from last year.

So far over 409,000 students have secured places on a higher education course, 362,000 of those were accepted to their first choice.

UCAS Chief Executive, Mary Curnock Cook, had this to say yesterday: “More UK 18 year olds will benefit from higher education in 2015 than in any year previously. More students in total have been placed at their first choice, an increase of 3% on 2014.

“This is an impressive outcome, given the slightly slower growth in the UK application rate.”

Results also show the widening gap between men and women applying and being accepted onto university courses.

So far this year 235,110 women have been placed, compared to just 176,970 men – a trend that has been growing steadily.

via UCAS

via UCAS

The number of students applying to university has failed to fall for the third year running, despite increased tuition fees.

However, this year’s starters will be the last to receive maintenance grants, as George Osborne is set to scrap them for those starting September 2016, a move that could see the poorest leaving higher education with over £50,000 in student debt.