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Most Students Would Give Up Alcohol In Exchange For Free University

It goes without saying that alcohol has become a cornerstone of the student experience. It breaks the ice in those awkward first weeks, it drives the post-exam celebrations and it’s responsible for 90% of your tagged photos on Facebook.



But a new survey by Student Beans has found that 76% of students would go teetotal if it meant they didn’t have to pay tuition fees. 

Of the 1,649 students asked, 76% said they’d rather give up booze than pay £9k a year for university. It also revealed that only 39% of students have gone longer than a month without alcohol.

It’s been said that the large number of students willing to give up such an important aspect of university life is testament to the unfair cost of tuition fees in the UK.

What do you think, would you give up booze for free education?


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