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Roehampton Uni Have Rented Out Thorpe Park for Freshers Week

Whatever you do on freshers week, it will probably involve a deck of cards, a lot of alcohol and a tight grip on the toilet.

But students at Roehampton uni have been offered something a little different this year as the SU continue to up their game.

Thorpe Park, arguably one of the best theme parks in Europe, has been rented out for 1,400 lucky students on September 18th. 



The event is being offered as an alcohol-free alternative to the usual binge fest that is Freshers’ Week, with SU President Siobhan Kelly saying: “It’s the perfect way for new students to get to know their new housemates and have a great experience to talk about.”

Students are naturally excited…

But there’s no need to be jealous, we all know how it’s really going to end.

E4 / The Daily Touch

E4 / The Daily Touch

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