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Students All Over The Country Walked Out Today In Solidarity With Migrants

Students across the country today skipped lectures, walked out of university and held demonstrations in solidarity with migrants. The “Day of Solidarity” campaign was organised by NUS as an opportunity for students to show their dissatisfaction with government policies on immigration and international students.

“The anti-immigrant policies of this government have become intolerable” reads the NUS announcement of the event. “This action is not only to stand in solidarity with international students, currently being mistreated in the UK, but aims to tackle the anti-immigration sentiment which is growing in Britain and has manifested itself in the government’s response to the refugee crisis.”

Rallies have been held at campuses all over the country, and the Royal College of Arts marched to the Daily Mail offices in London where they demonstrated against “anti-immigration headlines”. 

Students, SUs and university staff were showing their support throughout the day with the #students4migrants hashtag on social media. 

The official facebook event for the Day of Solidarity indicates that hundreds of students took part.

And was used throughout the day to post updates from the various protests being held.

You can read more about the Day of Solidarity on the NUS website here