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These Students Aren’t Happy With The Number of Freshers In The Library Right Now

We’re just a couple of weeks into term and already tensions are high in libraries across the country. The second, third and fourth years are rallying, and they all have one common goal: to get freshers out.

It all started so well.

And then…

They arrived. 

A lot of students think they’re too loud.

Some have even turned into *that* person. 

Many second, third and fourth years wish they’d stop taking up seats.

And generally can’t comprehend why they’re even there.

Particularly those who weren’t so eager when they were freshers.

Because surely first years don’t have any work to do…

“Go home and get drunk” is a common piece of advice.

Others know that it’s only a matter of time…

So what should freshers be doing instead of going to the library? 

Naggins. All the naggins.