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This Cat Spends More Time In The Library Than You

Edinburgh university has issued a library card to a cat after it spent so much time there and became famous among students. 

Jordan was originally introduced to the Catholic chaplaincy as a mouse-catcher every day he wanders over to the main library where he even has his own favourite spot.

Students say he helps them to relax and even set up a Facebook page for him.

A library help desk supervisor told Edinburgh Evening News: “He is really popular. He has been coming in for at least a year. External users can use the library – he has his own reference card. Someone at the helpdesk made up the card with a photo. He doesn’t have to have it with him when he comes in. He just tends to come in and sleep on the chairs near the door. I think everyone quite likes him.”

via Edinburgh Evening News / Facebook

via Edinburgh Evening News / Facebook

He doesn’t seem too phased by his recent rise to fame.

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