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This Man Tried To Sit His Girlfriend’s Exam By Dressing Up As Her

A man in Kazakhstan has been fined over £1,000 for impersonating his girlfriend so he could take her exam because she was too nervous to sit it herself. 

Ayan Zhademov confessed that he was trying to take the exam on behalf of his 17-year-old girlfriend after she refused to take her university admissions test due to nerves.



The examiners, sharp-eyed as always, noticed something suspicious and decided to question him. It was at this point that his game was up.

“He tried speaking in a high voice but it was obvious then that he was a male” said a spokesperson for the exam board, “We suspected it might be another woman that had taken the candidate’s place, but we never suspected it was a man that had taken her place. At least not until he started speaking.”

Other students claimed the stunt was romantic and brave, and Ayan has apparently earned the title of “romantic of the year”. 

As for his girlfriend, she has to wait a whole year to resit the exam.

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