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This Student Wrote The Perfect Complaint Letter To an Exam Board

OCR – An Utter Disgrace. That was the name of a perfectly written complaint letter recently sent from a student to one of the country’s top exam boards. 

A-level student, Jack Lane, was disappointed with his English Literature grade after it was undermarked by a whole 21 points.

His original mark was 63, dragging his average down from an A to a B. The remarked paper, completed by an “experienced senior examiner”, came back as 84.

Jack was furious with the disparity between the grades and expressed his concerns that countless other students who didn’t have their papers remarked could have missed out on their first university choice.

Here’s what he had to say to OCR

Jack Lane / via Google Docs

Jack Lane / via Google Docs

OCR replied stating that “occurrences such as [this] are extremely rare,” but Jack was unconvinced. 

If he had accepted the initial grade and blamed himself for the disappointing result – as many students naturally would – it could have impeded his chances of getting into university.

What would you have done in his situation?

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