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You Can Now Have Your Graduation Photo Digitally Slimmed

Many universities across the country are offering students a service to digitally slim and enhance their official graduation photos. 

The package is offered by Success Photography, who are the official photographers at many UK universities, including York, Teesside & Portsmouth.

Success Photography

Success Photography

For £9.95 would-be graduates can have their photograph digitally modified so that they appear slimmer on their special day. For a further £7.95 you can have your complexion fixed and teeth whitened.

On a day that is supposed to focus on academic achievements, many are concerned that this unnecessarily forces students to worry about their body image.

They tweeted this as concerns were raised about the ethics of offering such a service. 

We reached out to Success Photography but they refused to comment.

UPDATE: Success Photography have agreed to withdraw the service. York University later tweeted the following:

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