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You Can Now Study Game of Thrones at University

Ever feel like you know more about TV shows than your degree subject?

Just imagine if you could write an essay on Game of Thrones instead of post-modernism…



Well now you can… 



At the University of California, Berkeley.



The course is open to those studying Film and Media.

The course description reads: “This course will examine how and why Game of Thrones achieved such notoriety and popularity…  We will start by looking at genre and the genre history out of which the show appears. Game of Thrones is an instance of Fantasy but unlike the classics of that genre – such as The Legends of King Arthur or The Lord of the Rings – which are in the modes of Romance, Tragedy, and the Mythic, Game of Thrones turns to Realism and the Ironic.”

“But the series is also concerned with power and status in the personal sphere. How is power manifested in and through bodies, especially those of women, children, persons with disabilities, and the poor, or those of different ethnicities, religions, and sexualities?”