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18 Things You Learn To Hate About Working In A Bar When You’re A Student

As a student, going to bars and clubs is often what you look forward to doing in order to let your hair down. But it’s a completely different experience being on the other side of the bar.

1. Extreme tiredness.

Not ideal at any stage of life, but really not ideal during exam period.


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2. Trying to interpret intoxicated speech.

If you wanted to learn another language, you’d have done a languages degree.


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3. Feeling jealous of everyone else’s revelry.

You’ve had a hard week too.


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4. Listening to the DJ play the same songs over and over again.

You definitely need to hear Uptown Funk 25 times in one night.


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5. Large groups of people ordering drinks one by one.

Drinks rounds are wonderful things.


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6. Customers clicking or waving at you.

Yep, not going to get served any quicker by doing that.


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7. Having no weekends.

You just want to know what a student’s Saturday night without work feels like.


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8. Dealing with customers who think they can do your job better than you can.

Do you want to pour this pint? DO YOU?


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9. Waiting for people to decide what they want.

No rush….not rush at all.


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10. Silly questions.

Nope, no lager sold here…in a bar.


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11. Going to bed when the sun’s coming up.

What is a sleep pattern?


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12. Weird eating habits…even for a student.

Breakfast at 1pm, lunch at 6pm and dinner at 4am.


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13. Learning to endure the smell of Sambuca.

It just lingers…and lingers…


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14. Forever stinking of beer.

Not exactly your perfume of choice.


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15. Friends fishing for discounts you can’t offer.

Avoid eye contact or hide until they’ve got a drink.


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16. Cheesy chat up lines.

Thanks but no thanks.


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17. Trying to ignore PDA.

Do they realise they’re still in public?


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18. Finally getting through a hectic night and then realising you still need to clean up.

And be up bright and early for your 9am seminar in a couple of hours…


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