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19 Things You’ll Understand If You Did RAG at University

Everyone knows Raising and Giving is important. But it’s going the extra mile that makes it memorable.

1. You’ve become an expert at pestering ALL of your friends into buying overpriced tickets for tombolas, raffles and pantos.

All in the name of RAG.

via teen.com

via teen.com

2. And if they refuse, you guilt-trip them with all the good causes that the money is being raised for.

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via giphy.com

3. Last-minute props are now your speciality.

Cardboard is your best friend when you have to make costumes for 50 people for a RAG parade.

4. Realising that loose change gets really heavy and the quality of your bucket is everything.

5. And who needs the gym when you can walk around town all day with buckets of coins?

6. You abandon all sense of dignity and feel no shame doing raids looking like this…

7. And you always lose your voice.

Not because of nights out, but because of a day spent shouting and singing at the general public.

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via giphy.com

8. Either becoming a master baker, or a master of eating cakes. Or both.

9. There is no such thing as ‘cancelled due to bad weather’.

Come rain or shine, the show must go on.

The rain isn't stopping anyone today ☔️☔️ #sherwoodhall #ragraid #alderhey

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10. Getting into turf wars with other buskers and charity collectors and not knowing how to react.

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via giphy.com

11. Thinking you’re going to get nowhere doing Jailbreak but ~somehow~ pulling it off. 


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12. And if you’ve done that or LOST, you know it’s an experience you’ll never forget.

13. Finding a whole new level of respect for people who do charity work.

And also realising how unreasonable it is to think they should know everything about what they’re raising for.

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via giphy.com

14. Feeling weirdly happy and proud whenever someone does throw money into your bucket.

via reactiongifs.com

via reactiongifs.com

15. Unlike most students, you know that Freshers’ Week is the second most important week on the student calendar.

Rag week bants with the crew 💢🍻#friends #ragweek #lovethem

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16. Learning new things about yourself.

Like how far you’re willing to go to raise money.

17. And discovering that RAG members do in fact throw the best socials.

18. You make some amazing friends on the RAG team.

Because when you’ve danced in the rain and painted gigantic cardboard signs at midnight together, that’s the kind of bond that can’t be broken.

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via giphy.com

19. And in the end you walk away with more merch and random fancy dress items than you know what to do with.

Raising and giving doesn’t have to end when uni does.

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