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18 Things You’ll Understand If You Were a Student Performer at Fringe

Every year student thespians from all over ascend on Edinburgh. There really is nothing like Fringe.

1. Lying in the Royal Mile and shouting nonsense just to get people to come see your show. 

Edinburgh's High Street. August 29th 2015. #WTFringe #edfringe #edinburghfestival #edinburghfringe #edinburghfringefestival #edinburgh

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2. And having a mutual respect for other flyerers.

Too. Many. Choices. #fringefestivalproblems #edinburghfringefestival #fuckyeahfringe

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3. Unless they don’t do their fair share. In which case they can leave.

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via tumblr.com

4. Having no money for anything at all. Apart from beer. 

Enjoying some pints at #edinburghfringe

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5. If you’re not Scottish, adjusting to the 10pm curfew on alcohol.

6. The longer you stay there, the less impressed you are by all the weird stuff that goes on. 

Seen it all before 🙄

What the Fringe!?

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7. Walking past incredibly famous people in the street.  While dressed as a giant chicken.


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via tumblr.com

8. To try and save money, you exclusively go to see shows at your own venue.

Thank you, free pass.

2 years of fringe badges with my new performers pass lanyard 🌸

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9. Being told to go back to London at least once. Even if you’re not from there.

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via dailynorseman.com

10. The stress of a 5 minute get-in and get-out.

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via collegefashion.net

11. Having a “day out” to Arthur’s Seat. Normally involving a lot of wine.

Good to be back! #edinburgh #arthursseat #scotland #hangin

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12. Immersing yourself in Scottish culture and having a tatty dog from Piemaker.

But you can’t quite bring yourself to get a battered Mars Bar.

Delicious Scottish pie for 1.20£. You cray cray Edinburgh. #kitsfood

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13. Feeling like you’re always walking uphill.

14. Getting really good at pretending to like another’s show when really you hated it.

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via reddit.com

15. Falling in love with members of your cast.

Spotted on the High Street…

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16. But then making new friends in the mid run breakdown to get some distance.

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via mrwgifs.com

17. How the performance itself is the best part of it, but it’s only one hour of the day.

Why does it have to end?

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via giphy.com

18. And leaving knowing you’ll never experience anything like it.

Closing fireworks at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, one of the largest art festivals in the world #athensofthenorth

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