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13 Things That Only People Who Lived In Hamwic Understand

We may not be the craziest of halls, but you can’t beat having your own bathroom mixed with the joys of living so close to uni.

1. Constantly being called the ‘quiet halls’.

We can’t compete with the party halls of LFW, be that doesn’t mean that we’re all boring.


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2. Having to share a tiny kitchen with 11 other people.

You will end up eating at strange times of the day just so you can use the oven.


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3. Battling it out for space in the one fridge. 

It’s all fun and games until someone steals your ketchup, or even worse… milk!


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4. The stress of automatically locking kitchen doors.

And then having that dreaded realisation that you’ve left your fob in the kitchen and hoping someone else is home to let you back in.


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5. Getting weekly notices about the cleanliness of your kitchen failing to meet standards.

We get it, the kitchen is an absolute mess. But what more can you possibly expect from a bunch of students.


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6. The fire alarms only ever going off at night time.

Because who doesn’t love being woken up and dragged out of bed at 3am… and again at 4am.


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7. The lifts being out of use after midnight.

How can they do this to us? We are lazy students who can’t be bothered to walk up all of those stairs after a night out at Oceana.


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8. Being jealous if you were one of the kitchens that only had microwave ovens instead of proper ovens.

How does anyone expect us to cook in there.


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9. Never being able to collect your post when you want.

Oh no, don’t worry I’ll just come back tomorrow to collect my post. You can continue with your important meetings, I didn’t want my post anyway.


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10. The struggles of sharing a laundry room that only has three washers and dryers with the rest of Hamwic.

After staring at your washing that’s been piling up for weeks, there’s nothing worse than carrying it al the way downstairs to find out they’re all being used or broken.


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11. Cricket or football in the corridors becomes a weekly occurrence.

But not realising how easily the lights smash until it’s too late.


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12. Secretly wishing you had that one big room.

Yes, they may be paying more rent than everyone else, but you can’t help comparing it to your boxed sized room and feeling jealous.


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13. And of course, having your own en suite. 

Not having to shower in someone else’s filth because you have the luxury of your own shower.


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