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16 Things You Wish You’d Known as a Fresher at The University of Bristol

If only you’d known sooner.

1. You need to give yourself extra time to get to lectures because of all the horrendously steep hills.

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2. Do your bank account a favour and avoid all the convenience shops in and around campus.

It’s not that much more effort to walk out to a bigger supermarket where everything is so much cheaper.

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3. Losing your student card will be all the stress.

Try not to do it. 🙈

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via lockerdome.com

4. Campus is bigger than you think and you need to explore it.

There’s nothing worse than discovering the perfect place just as you’re about to graduate.

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5. Go to all the “Tea and Cake” meetings you’ll be invited to for your course, even if you’re really hungover because of Freshers’ Week. 

They provide the cutest opportunity to make new friends and, most importantly of all, there’s free food. 😍

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6. There’s a Hot Air Ballooning Society.

And it’s awesome.

7. You can also join Brizzlepuffs Quidditch Society.


Brooms up, Bristol! Fresher's fairs here we come…

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8. As great as Freshers’ Week is, it’s a classic Bristol pub crawl you need to go on.

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9. Legendary Skins-style parties happen and, yes, you should go to at least one.

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10. Be selective when joining all the UoB Facebook groups for things unless you enjoy being bombarded with notifications.

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11. Don’t leave visiting the library until exams. 

It’s at its best when there’s no revision rush, plus it’s genuinely a gorgeous place.

Visited Bristol yesterday 🙌💕

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12. And getting a second year house sorted won’t be as hard as you think.

You’ll hear people stressing about it when you’ve barely settled into halls – ignore them. You’ve got loads of time.

Last full day living in Clifton Wood 👋🏼🏡🏠 #survivedsecondyear #thatoneweekofsummer

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13. If you’re looking for the best halls, look no further than Churchill.

Bye churchill 😭

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14. You can get YoYo Burger to takeout.


Hello gorgeous burgers 🍔 #fat #foodporn #burger #italianburger #hangovermeal #instafood

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15. You’re not a true Bristol student until you’ve done the Banksy tour.

16. And, the most important thing to know of all, enjoy it.

Have no fear; you’ll love being a student there.

goodbye beautiful city full of beautiful friends. it's been a pleasure knowing you

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