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15 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Studied at Queen’s University Belfast

In the heart of Belfast and wielding an impressive reputation, Queen’s University Belfast attracts a diverse student body, and there are some things only that diverse student body can understand.

1. Using the tourist crowds outside the Lanyon building as an excuse for being late to a lecture.

2. Feeling as though you spend half of your life in the McClay.

It’s your unfortunate home away from home.

记 first library afternoon~

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3. And forever being more than a little disturbed by the sculpture outside it.

You know it’s supposed to depict a reflection in water, but more often than not, you just see yourself in it.

McClay Library,@queensubelfast

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4. Both fearing and loving the Spotted at QUB group.

Belfast’s answer to Gossip Girl, the Facebook page ‘Spotted at QUB’ is a double-edged sword. A staple source of entertainment when those library sessions are dragging on. It allows friends to embarrass each other, people to observe the bizarre behaviour of stress fuelled final year students and serves, most importantly, as a form of flattery for everyone’s #McClaybae.

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5. The fierce rivalry between QUB and University of Ulster.

From calling out intruders in our library to just completely annihilating each other on Yik Yak. It’s pretty entertaining and maybe a little too real.

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6. How much of a ghost town it becomes at the weekend.

Whether you live in Elms Village or are a ‘lands resident, international students and those from outside Northern Ireland will soon find out that they are the last ones standing on a Friday night because anyone who’s local enough to take their washing home will do so.

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7. The infamous ‘Holylands’.

The ‘lands isn’t as bad as it is cracked up to be, a lot of the time it is just great craic. Think sofas outside on sunny days and a lot of random house parties.

8. The Saviour that is Maggie Mays.

After any drunken night, there is only one place to go. Their hangover cure rating system on the menu means that it is a surefire winner and there is no excuse needed for their tankard of milkshakes.

9. Looking forward to the Continental Market.

Nipping in for some mulled wine or more likely into Lavery’s tent, it is nothing short of salvation in the midst of those Christmas deadlines. As far as the kangaroo burgers go, you know it is worth the queue.

10. The phenomenon of people taking off their shoes at the library.

Disturbing at first but then you realise they just mean business. Although, collectively we all judge those who take the next step and dare to brave the McClay barefoot. I mean, they’re crossing a line.

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11. And the importance of taking the Mystery Tour at least once before you graduate.

Whether you find yourself at Kelly’s in Portrush or you’re one of the lucky few who get the ferry over to Scotland, it will be one of the most memorable nights you will ever have.

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via disqusfeed.com

12. The carnage of St. Patrick’s day.

Ok, so people do get called into disciplinary hearings on a yearly basis due to St. Paddy’s day antics but QUB gives you two days off for a reason, right?! There is no party like a St. Patrick’s day party in the Holylands where you sing, drink and dance (and do rock the boat in the middle of the street).

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13. Red diesels & GAA gear at the Hatfield.

A congregation of virtually everyone you went to school with and the place you go to for some ‘quiet drinks’. It’s basically the closest thing to having a local and it’s customary to attend these Sunday night sessions in tracksuit bottoms and your jersey of choice.

My first time

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14. Wandering through the main campus at 2 in the morning after Bot Wednesdays.

We’ve all been there.

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15. And forever feeling personally victimised by Qsis.

The registration ‘wizard’ that causes a meltdown before the academic term has even started. It is the enemy. You will not miss it when you leave, but you’ll always bear the scars.

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