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You Can Now Get Student Discounts Even After You Graduate

University is over, the real world is calling and you’re starting to realise that your student loan wasn’t just free money. Basically, things are looking pretty bleak right now, or at least they were until NUS Extra came to the rescue.

That’s right, the NUS card is back, but in hybrid form.

Those handy student discounts you revelled in throughout university are finally available to graduates. NUS Extra allows you to reap all the benefits of a student card without actually being a student, the intention being to ease the transition into life after university.


You can’t argue with average savings of £500 a year.

It comes at a slightly escalated price of £15, compared with the £12 student card, and you do have to be a student at the time of registration. If you already have a card from university, you’ll receive an e-mail from NUS on how to upgrade it following graduation, and if you’re new to the scheme, the card is available to buy online or from any Student Union.


It only lasts a year, so get spending.

NUS Extra expires a year from application, so make sure to re-apply before you graduate – there are even discounts available on suit and dress hire to get you through the ceremony. Other handy discounts for the real world of work include career support, technology support, travel and fitness to support you in your first few months as a functioning member of society.

via tumblr.com

via tumblr.com