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17 Things You Miss About Teesside University Now You’ve Graduated

You miss Boro faster than you think you will.



1. The architecture on campus.

2. And even having a soft spot for this building.

3. How arty the university can be at times.

Northern Lights 😊 #capturingbritain #northernlights #teesside #lights #neon

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4. And how endearingly embarrassing at others.

You love it all the more for it though.

5. Middlesbrough itself.

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6. Going to the annual Mela Festival.

Signature!! #MiddlesbroughMela

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7. The legendary Parmo.

Chicken, breadcrumbs and cheese. What could be better?

Just had my first chicken parmo and I don't know how to feel about it. #delicious #cloggedarteries

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8. Having access to a Snooze Room.

Graduate life needs more of these.



9. Taking a walk up Roseberry Topping.

10. Or wandering around the Orange Pip Market.

With everything from music, art, performances and delicious food and drink, it’s the definitely the place to be.

#Canny #market

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11. The atmosphere in town on a match day.

At The Riverside Stadium you get to experience what it’s like to be a Boro supporter. Even if you’re not a big football fan the passion from the fans will carry you away.

Middlesbrough v Spurs #COYS #parmo

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12. Getting a culture hit at The Dorman Museum.

#DormanMuseum #Middlesbrough

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13. Epic nights out at the SU.

14. Looking forward to the Final Fling.

Absolutely love this uni! #finalfling

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15. And, of course, every single one of the friends you made there.

16. You basically just didn’t really want to leave.

17. Teesside, you were amazing. 👏

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Life at Teesside was great, but your life as a graduate can be just as good.

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