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24 Things You’ll Really Miss About The University of Hull When You Leave

Remember when you first arrived at uni as a bright-eyed fresher who wasn’t really sure where to find Hull on the map? Now, a degree later, it’s time to say goodbye to Hullywood, and you’re not sure you’re ready. You’ll definitely miss a lot.

1. The University campus.

How gorgeous is the @universityofhull campus? ☀️ @compuniguide

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2. The coffee shops on Newland Ave.

this vintage tearoom down the street. #ZWCRMN

A photo posted by Carmen Lim Kah Mun 💋 (@limcarmenxo) on

3. Nights out at [W]elly.

Won’t miss that queue though.

Shinobi you were a pleasure as always

A photo posted by hannahlightley (@hannahlightley) on

4. Knowing that if you can’t afford a night out in town, you’ll always be able to scrounge enough together for a night out in Brassick.

#bertiebank #brassick #tower #unilife #asylum #hulluni

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5. £1.75 drinks? Yes please.


6. Hull Fair.

It’s the oldest and largest fair in Europe, why else would you want to stand in the cold for hours waiting to get a ride on the bumper cars?

7. The cobbled streets of Old Town.

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8. And the hidden treasure that is Hull Marina.

bye England, it's been nice 🇬🇧➡️🇩🇰 #travel #vscocam #england

A photo posted by Ellie Officer (@ellieofficer) on

9. The Classic first date trip to The Deep.

Because all good love stories start surrounded by fish.

Deep indeed. #thedeep #aquarium

A photo posted by Vinai (@vsamson) on

10. Getting a pint in Sanc after a lecture.

It really washes those lecture notes down.

First pint of the year 😍🏠

A photo posted by Abi McIntosh (@abimci) on

11. Headlines like this.



12. And very important information like this

It really is never Dull in Hull.

13. The random puddle on Cottingham Road that is there come rain or shine.

One of life’s greatest mysteries.



14. Ordering a taxi at half past and the driver casually turning up at ten to, but you can’t be made at them because they’re friendly.

Damn you and your cheerful mood.



15. Celebrating almost any occasion with dinner and cocktails at Roots.

🍹💛 @kaylgarmston

A photo posted by PARIS✨ (@parisdepner) on

16. Moaning about the line up for the End of Year Ball and then buying a ticket anyway.

17. This absolute legend from San Remos on Cott Road.

Who is never judgemental about the state you’re in.

So much love 😍😍

A photo posted by Redinecarter (@redinecarter) on

18. And who never ever forgets to ask you if you want CHIP SPICE.

19. Watching the sun come up after an all-nighter in the library.

I've watched many sunsets from the library 7th floor, but a sunrise at 5.30 am was new. 🤓🌄

A photo posted by Lauren (@lauren_ohh) on

20. Being the most supportive you have ever been about anything at varsity every year.

21. Being super proud anytime anyone mentions ‘City of culture 2017’. Even though you don’t really know what that means.



22. You’ll really miss everyone cramming into Pearson park when a little bit of sun comes out.

Pearson Park, Hull

A photo posted by Kylie Baxter (@iampurplesheila) on

23. And being this close to the Humber Bridge.

Playing without a care in the world #humberbridge #hessle #pebbles #yorkshire #northtower

A photo posted by Carl (@carl_t_x) on

24. Goodbye Hullywood, it’s been real!

A photo posted by miki (@mikiliuqiqi) on

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