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17 Things To Remember If You’re Graduating This Year

If you’re reading this, you’re probably close to finishing your final year at university. There’s also a good chance you’re worrying about what comes next.

Well, before you let the fear set in, here’s a guide to surviving your post-uni life.

1. Don’t panic.

As scary as the future seems right now, panicking will not help. You need to be calm and think clearly if you are going to get off to a good start.



2. Set a personal goal or target.

Think of something that you’d like to achieve now that you’re almost done with your degree. It doesn’t have to be life changing; it could simply be promising to finally finish watching that TV series you started ages ago, or planning on visiting someone.

3. Try not to set yourself airtight time frames.

Be realistic about where you are now and what you want to achieve. Speaking of which…

4. And don’t set your expectations too high.

For now, at least. By all means, have expectations; just don’t start setting yourself up for losses because you were expecting to be the manager of a big marketing agency two months after graduating.

5. Think carefully whether you want to continue with further studies.

Remember, if you want to do a Master’s, it’s not imperative that you do it immediately. Sometimes experience is more important. But it’s also not a cop out if you decide you’d like to continue studying. Do what you want to do.



6. If you want a job, be prepared to put in the extra work.

Sometimes, not working and looking for a job can in itself be a part-time job. It’s going to take time and commitment.

7. But don’t expect it to fall into your lap.

Remember to keep an open mind, build some extra skills and make as many connections as you can!

8. If it’s not looking great, you could always consider a temp agency.

Unfortunately some of them can be really unhelpful (and make you question the meaning of life), but hopefully one of them may provide a great solution for you.

9. Always see the value in every job, no matter how small.

Remember, ANY job is valuable experience and can be a great stepping stone to reaching your end goal.



10. Make use of your university’s careers service.

These people are here to help you stand on your own feet, so take advantage of this while you can.

11. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

If someone is offering to help you, don’t be too proud to accept it – it could mean you finally getting your dream job.

12. Focus on building a strong CV.

A CV is the first impression you give to your employer. Make sure that it’s a good one!

13. Be thick-skinned as well as hard working.

It may take countless tries and thousands of rejections, but just get up and try again. Don’t forget, you’re not the only one who’s going through this.



14. It’s important to be patient, too.

This can mean applying for 500 jobs until you finally are offered a paid one. Persevere!

15. Until the time comes, do some volunteering.

This will give you immense, recent work experience and it will mean you’re doing something good.

16. In the meantime, enjoy your free time.

Don’t forget to celebrate all your hard work. After the stress of final year, you deserve a break. Remember that once you get a job your free time will be much more limited, so make the most of it.

17. And finally, don’t give up.

It’s easier said than done, but try to keep your spirits high. You never know, your dream job, MA or end goal might be just around the corner.



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