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19 Things You Learn To Love About Studying at The University of Salford

Salford will always have a place in your heart.

1. The fact that you should probably just have a coat with you at all times.

Salford always finds a way to rain and so you eventually find a way to love it anyway.



2. The free 50 bus.



3. Even if it is usually packed. And late.



4. The beautiful Peel Park.

5. This motivational reminder outside of the main campus.

6. And these stairs:

Did you know? #salforduni #salforduniversity #stairs

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7. Salfood 😍

It’s good value for money, they have a free cookery course for students, and they like a good pun:

Puns for days….

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8. Adelphi Library.

It’s like a labyrinth and it’ll be both the key to and bane of your uni life.



9. We’ve got everyone’s fav campus: Media City.

Especially because it’s right next to Salford Quays and The Lowry Theatre.

10. Which is full of cool equipment.

Working in the fancy edit suites today!

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11. And many students are lucky enough to call it home.

Salford Quays looking picturesque in the sun. Nice place to call home. #salfordquays #mediacityuk #waterfront

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12. Studying at Salford means you’re never too far from Manchester City Centre.

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13. So you can go over and wander round the massive Christmas market.

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14. And you’ve got loads of nightlife options.



15. Not to mention how stunning the city is when you’re sober enough to enjoy it.

🍁🍂🌺🍁🍂🌺 #autumninmanchester #fall #thattimeoftheyear #beautifulcity

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16. The array of societies you have to choose from at Salford.

There’s literally something for everyone.

17. And you’ve always got Shock Radio for entertainment.

18. Summer on campus when the deck-chairs are out is the one 🌞👌

19. And really, you just couldn’t imagine studying anywhere else.

Why would you want to? ❤️

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